Moving forward with a hybrid multi-cloud strategy

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Cloud Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions

If you love IT complexity and its associated headaches, stop reading. If, however, you’re tired of your inbox blowing up with alerts because your infrastructure is offline again, please read on.

The future of IT is a hybrid multi-cloud, and this is where you should start your journey and explore the options Nutanix has to offer. In short, Nutanix will be your ‘best friend’ if you need to focus more on business rather than keeping your ‘IT boat’ afloat. Eliminating the complexity of legacy IT silos, lift and shift upgrades and centralising management including apps, storage and services – Nutanix is your go-to product to fill the gap in adopting a hybrid cloud strategy.

Questions such as what proprietary hardware is needed, and what level of security is offered are often asked. Nutanix can run on virtually any ‘off the shelf’ commodity servers and with the original security, put in place for the U.S. Department of Defence, you will be adequately covered.

In addition to this, Nutanix ships with a hypervisor called AHV (based on a hardened version of KVM) eliminating the ‘vTAX’ on your IT estate. That being said, it’s also hypervisor and hardware agnostic, giving you more freedom of choice relative to the traditional vendor lock in. These few highlights are just the ‘tip of the tip’ of the iceberg, and Nutanix offers much much more to fit your every need. Get in touch with Breakpoint to start looking at how you can reduce your IT complexity and build your hybrid cloud strategy.