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Infrastructure Solutions

Our roots run deep in enterprise infrastructure, and we are committed to provide our customers with bespoke infrastructure composed of best of breed building blocks, through to proven turnkey infrastructure solutions, cloud or on premise, and always backed by our recognised skill and uncompromising support.

Compute Infrastructure

With two decades of experience in helping customers in enterprise, science and technology, media and entertainment and financial services, Breakpoint’s solutions have won awards and recognition from our vendors and distribution partners, as well as the loyalty of our customers. From RISC architectures that crunch the numbers behind some of the largest radio telescopes in the world, to innovative caching solutions for on-demand media streaming, to cost effective scale-out architectures and high-performance computing solutions built on Intel and AMD technology, our engineers have remained at the innovative edge of on-premise computing.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

As business leaders pivot to unique global challenges, a new normal is emerging. Organisations are increasingly tasking the IT department to find and deliver rapid new business value through increased efficiency, enhanced automation, accelerated time to market, sharp innovation and, rock- solid cost savings.

For these organisations, it’s time to reach new economic advantage through IT. Save your valuable budget, time, and manpower and redistribute resources toward more high-value initiatives. Invest in the future of your organisation with infrastructure that delivers returns – not adds complexity and costs over time. Innovate to speed your modernisation and transformation initiatives with an IT partner that provides the choice and flexibility to help you succeed.


Breakpoint has the skills, technologies and relationships to deliver storage solutions where others fear to tread. Whether you require breathtaking storage performance for science and technology workloads in a composable NVMe infrastructure, or economic and resilient data persistence for your financial applications in a traditional three-tier architecture with a software defined storage fabric, or anything in between, we invite you to put us to the test.

SOFTWARE Solutions

In addition to our own software solutions in the monitoring and test automation space, we provide best of breed software for high speed and reliable data transport and streaming, remote work, application delivery and Big Data and analytics solutions. Our software solutions are backed by certified and experienced technical resources, and trusted by leading Media & Entertainment, Financial Services and Telecommunications enterprises.

Data Transport & Streaming

With fast file transfer and streaming solutions built on the award-winning IBM FASP® protocol, IBM Aspera® software moves data of any size across any distance, quickly and securely. Breakpoint deployed and supports the Aspera solution that enables millions of African viewers to enjoy prime time television content, within hours of its global premiere. Aspera eliminates the fundamental bottlenecks of TCP or UDP based file transfer technologies, and dramatically speeds up transfers over public and private IP networks.

The Aspera software technology overcomes the traditional limitations of public internet connections and off-the-shelf hardware to maximize the usage of available bandwidth. The result is to deliver unmatched transfer speeds, end-to-end security, 100% reliability and exceptional bandwidth control.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Breakpoint’s VDI solutions ushers in an end to the complexity, slowness and user challenges typical of Virtual Directory Infrastructure. The focus on fast, effortless app delivery presents a simple Open Virtual Desktop with the ability to work with existing infrastructure and requiring significantly less computing power.


We are trusted by enterprises in some of the most challenging global markets to provide world class professional services in our areas of competence. Whether as an augment to your project team or as part of our solutions, you are assured of delivered quality and value.

Deployment & Integration Services

Leading edge or tried and trusted, bringing any new solution into your environment needs care and attention, to ensure that it fits with your business – the processes and workflows, the skills, the culture.

When Breakpoint provides you with your next IT solution, one aspect that need not concern you is the professional services needed to deploy, integrate, manage and maintain your solution, in conjunction with your own skills and resources, in order to ensure rapid time to value and to extract maximum value from the solution in the long run.

CLOUD Solutions

From app modernisation and digital transformation to cloud migrations, our team has delivered an impressive array of solutions. With a particular knack for efficiency and cost optimisation, we are able to bring together our infrastructure and DevOps expertise with deep understanding of cloud scale application delivery demands, to bring you elastic IaaS and PaaS solutions deployed on private or leading public cloud infrastructure.

Application Modernization

If you are considering whether or how to modernise your legacy applications, it is likely because it has become increasingly difficult, expensive and slow to update and maintain it, or that it has reached some inherent scaling limit.

Have you not yet committed to modernising? Why not start with an assessment of your legacy monolithic applications? Such a risk-free assessment will provide a reliable gauge of the effort required and risk involved in decoupling it, or shifting it entirely to a modern microservices architecture, supported by modern DevOps delivery pipelines. Whether you need guidance on strategy, process and methods, or simply need resource augmentation – drawing on several successful modernisation projects, our experts can guide you along the most suitable path from n-tier applications to decoupled microservices, deployed on modern container technologies.

monitoring Solutions

Breakpoint is a pioneer in the field of customer experience monitoring for mobile services, and brings unique capabilities to managed monitoring for your critical services. At comparable price points, our proven approach to monitoring delivers value well beyond what can be extracted from even the best available tools, which is why we maintain a 95% service renewal rate.

Digital Experience Monitoring

Apogee is a real-time monitoring tool that helps your business run smoothly by identifying user experience issues, assessing the root cause and providing recommended solutions. It can be used for web or mobile services over any access channel including USSD, SMS, STK and mobile apps. The digital experience for mobile users is rarely monitored adequately, and is especially critical in markets where the majority of consumers rely on their mobile phones as their primary communications and financial tool. Apogee, Breakpoint’s digital experience monitoring platform, can provide this service. Apogee is channel agnostic and is designed to provide real-time, real service checking of customer experiences across various layers of the mobile service.

Managed Systems Monitoring

Photon is a subscription service for engineering led, business aware and actionable monitoring of the full stack of critical systems and applications. It is provided on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both. Photon is built on a common technology core that underpins Breakpoint’s expert monitoring solutions. Photon is an expert monitoring service, deployed and delivered by monitoring experts. It is fundamentally geared to address the reason why most monitoring investments fail to deliver returns. Photon relieves the operations or development teams in an organisation from the responsibility of deploying and maintaining monitoring services to the organisation.

Charging System Monitoring

Breakpoint’s Alluvia Charging System Monitoring CSM is a cost effective next generation service for seamless coalescence of charging system data and events, coupled with synthetic probes, providing monitoring, alerting and visualisation of Key Performance Indicators for charging systems. With the use of Near Real-time Analytics, which is the analysis of data as soon as that data becomes available, combined with synthetic probes of the Charging System components, valuable near real-time insight into the Charging system is provided that allows conclusions to be drawn almost immediately after the data enters the system.

Alluvia CSM provides valuable information about the performance and status of charging systems to senior management, operational management, administrators and operations teams, both in near real-time and historically. Alluvia is an extensible real time information platform that is vendor neutral and supports multi-vendor cross platform monitoring.

TESTING & QA Solutions

Breakpoint’s test automation solutions offer enterprises unprecedented test automation capabilities for mobile smart apps and USSD services. Automate UAT or regression testing using complex transactions in easy to maintain test suites using drag and drop transaction builders, and instantly reap the rewards of faster and more reliable testing for improved service quality.


USSD & Smart App Testing

Breakpoint’s Inquest offers a complete USSD & Smart App test automation solution that provides enterprises unprecedented test automation capabilities for mobile smart apps and USSD services. Automate UAT or regression testing using complex transactions in easy to maintain test suites using drag and drop transaction builders, and instantly reap the rewards of faster and more reliable testing for improved service quality.

Define, maintain and automatically execute your full suite of complex test cases, end to end. Access the Inquest dashboard via a web browser, using drag and drop and GUI elements to construct test cases in a hierarchical structure. Define complex evaluation criteria for UAT, regression testing, or fulfil continuous testing requirements, in lock step with your CICD pipeline.

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