Data Transport & Streaming


With fast file transfer and streaming solutions built on the award-winning IBM FASP® protocol, IBM Aspera® software moves data of any size across any distance, quickly and securely. 

Breakpoint deployed and supports the Aspera solution that enables millions of African viewers to enjoy prime time television content, within hours of its global premiere.

Aspera eliminates the fundamental bottlenecks of TCP or UDP based file transfer technologies, and dramatically speeds up transfers over public and private IP networks.

The Aspera software technology overcomes the traditional limitations of public internet connections and off-the-shelf hardware to maximize the usage of available bandwidth. The result is to deliver unmatched transfer speeds, end-to-end security, 100% reliability and exceptional bandwidth control.



Moving data of any size across any distance, quickly and securely.

IBM Aspera Overview


Manufacturing and engineering

Accelerate global engineering and design processes through high-speed sharing of design files, source code synchronization and ingest into predictive analytics tools.

Media and entertainment

Transform content production and delivery by leveraging digital file ‒ and stream-based workflows that span cloud and on-premises infrastructures.

Retail and consumer goods

Speed the transfer of rich digital media and purchase data to and from retail stores and consumer goods businesses to help enhance the in-store customer experience and optimize product development.

Life sciences and healthcare

Accelerate breakthroughs in research and medicine by helping distributed teams collaborate on large genomic data and medical images.

Oil and gas

Provide more cost-effective detection and tapping of new energy sources with faster capture and high-performance computing (HPC) analysis of remote seismic data.

Banking and financial markets

Reinvent the modern financial institution by enabling big data analytics, batch processing and insurance claims and appraisals from the field.

Why do you need Aspera?


Achieve file transfer speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP using existing WAN infrastructure and commodity hardware.

Aspera uses open standards cryptography for user authentication, data encryption and data integrity verification to assure exceptional security for business-critical digital assets.

Aspera is a software-only application protocol that runs on commodity hardware and over standard, unmodified IP networks.

“With the speed that Aspera FASP offers, you don’t need a local ingest site. You can actually transfer data from anywhere in the world.”

Suresh Bahugudumbi

Senior Manager, NetApp

Key advantages and features

Extraordinary bandwidth utilization algorithms enables fast, automatic discovery of the bandwidth capacity and its full utilization while remaining fair to other traffic.

Supports interoperable file and directory transfers between all major operating systems and cloud platforms, and provides a complete, modern software API.

Aspera provides end-to-end transfer progress reporting and detailed performance statistics for real-time monitoring and reporting, and for custom pre- and post-transfer processing.

Up to 100x faster than other file transfer technologies.

Stream any size data and virtually unlimited bit-rate video with near-zero latency over the internet.

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