Maximize Your Digital Success with Real-Time Customer Experience Monitoring

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Monitoring Solutions

by Mike Styer –  

As General Manager at Breakpoint, I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is for businesses to monitor their customers’ digital experience in today’s digital age. With more and more customers relying heavily on digital channels to interact with companies, it’s imperative to ensure that their experiences are seamless, positive, and free of any issues.

Why Real-Time Monitoring is Essential for Digital Success

Tracking and analyzing customers’ digital experiences from their perspective in real-time is made possible by Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), enabling businesses to detect issues early, optimize performance, and identify problems anywhere in the system. DEM is becoming a critical aspect of digital service delivery, particularly for the likes of Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Financial Services, Value Addeda Service Providers, and Banks that rely heavily on digital channels.

Mobile users’ digital experiences are often not adequately monitored, especially in markets where the majority of consumers rely on mobile phones as their primary communications and financial tool. This lack of monitoring can result in losing customers without realizing it and there may even be rumors circulating about the quality of service. Monitoring the digital experience from the customer’s perspective can provide direct, quantifiable evidence of any shortcomings.

Overcoming the Challenges of Coordinating Contributors for Digital Experience

To achieve a positive digital experience, SMEs must overcome the challenge of coordinating a diverse range of contributors, including developers, quality assurance testers, database administrators, network engineers, and technical support staff. Each of these teams and individuals plays a critical role in the digital experience, and their contributions must be aligned to achieve the desired outcome. Clear communication, collaboration, and a focus on the end goal are essential, and empirical data from DEM reports is useful in substantiating key adjustments to service delivery.

Apogee is a digital experience monitoring platform that helps to ensure greater success with web or mobile services over any access channel including USSD, SMS, STK and mobile apps. The platform offers live digital experience monitoring, rapid root cause analysis, business and operational KPIs, and the ability to handle nearly any transaction with ease, including asynchronous or Network Initiated (Push) USSD. By using Apogee, businesses can take decisive and confident action in relation to vendors, suppliers, partners, or customers and optimize performance, detect issues early, and move towards smooth digital interactions and strengthening brand perception.

Apogee in action

bKash, a leading mobile financial service provider in Bangladesh, is an example of a company that has benefited from using Apogee. According to their CTO, Breakpoint’s expertise in engineering robust and scalable solutions, performance and security testing, and in-depth knowledge and understanding of application, systems, and user experience monitoring, was instrumental to the success of the vendor proofs of concept.

Apogee has also had a significant impact on several African Telcos by providing real-time monitoring and insights into regional service availability. By being aware of internet topology and application delivery channels, Apogee enables businesses to pinpoint the root of failures or service slowdowns. This provides African network operators and communication service providers with clear answers and irrefutable evidence, allowing them to take decisive action and improve customer experiences.

Apogee is a powerful digital experience monitoring platform that provides unique insights in real-time into key factors required to maintain a premium solution in the digital marketplace. Make Apogee a part of your digital strategy today to optimize performance, detect issues early, and provide customers with seamless and positive experiences.