Alluvia – recent successes

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Monitoring Solutions

Deploying innovative near real-time, low footprint analytics solutions for two leading Mobile Network Operators in Africa

As governments apply more pressure on MNOS to decrease their rates, operators are forced to become more cost effective and this while improving service levels to their customers. During the past December and January, Breakpoint deployed an integrated intelligent business solution at two MNOs with the aim of monitoring the most critical performance indicators in their businesses, across multiple vendor solutions.

In their drive for efficiency and improved service quality, the MNOs want to know, in real time, whether their vendors are delivering on their KPI’s, and also address a number of other complex business requirements. Although all the data that underpin these insights is readily available, accessing it in a meaningful way is too complex and time consuming, and using the integrated applications that the traditional telecommunications vendors provide are prohibitively expensive.

Breakpoint’s near real-time analytics solution provides in-flight analytics in a simple, coherent dashboard, presenting the customers with visualisations and alerting for its most critical billing and charging systems, spanning VAS and IN KPIs. This specialised technology platform, known as Alluvia, is the brainchild of Breakpoint, a specialised IT outfit based in Cape Town, South Africa, which comprises a team of experts primarily focused on solving “impossible” IT challenges by applying full stack, leading edge technologies.

Breakpoint worked with the operators and their vendors to approach the problem from a data scientific perspective, listening to the engineers, service owners and executives to understand both the business needs and the technical challenges.

Big data and analytics solutions are generally expensive, take long to implement and often fail. There also tends to be a long lead-time before you have any usable intelligence. This is why Alluvia was the perfect solution in this case: It has minimal infrastructure or resource requirements, (it can be cloud-based or located on the company’s premises), was implemented in just a few weeks, and is cost effective. On top of that, the USP of Alluvia is that it lifts the data out of the transaction as it’s happening and visualises it immediately. There is no need for big data storage or extraction.

The deployment of this technology yielded almost immediate results, with further expansions expected to be deployed for other services, and for other MNOs in Africa.

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